Tuima Vision is a small innovative technology company founded by Antti Savolainen in 2005. The original name of the company was Sadiga and its foundation was built on top of AI. At the present, Tuima Vision uses cutting edge technologies to build new solutions that are thought out of the box.  Solutions may be serious problem solving apps to everyday life or games with original idea and implementation.

Tuima Vision uses advanced methods to reach its goals. From 2012 special apps are developed by using versatile sensor technologies possibilities like camera’s image stream to process with  machine vision and microphone to track person’s heart rate. Compass, accelerometer and gyroscope of mobile devices are used to create for example virtual reality experiences.

In 2019, day of the Sisu (February 28) Tuima Vision launched work service Sisukkaat.com. It is a secure, innovative and user friendly platform for buying and selling physical or digital work online. It is designed to be a part of Finnish job markets and straighten bureaucracy related to paying salary. Sisukkaat.com offers to create needed legal payments to Finnish authorities and insurance companies, so customers don’t need to do it themselves.

On fall 2019 Tuima Vision began to offer video shooting both in air and land. In land it uses de facto standard Blackmagic cinema camera (Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K ). On air Tuima Vision’s tool is DJI Mavic Air.

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