Identity Unknown Trailer and First BETA Published

Tuima Vision proudly presents the first trailer with #GamePlay of #IdentityUnknown
#GameDev #SurvivalHorror #PointAndClick #MadeWithUnity

Identity Unknown: Operation Prime Time

It is 2028. You wake up in a toilet in an unknown apartment. You don’t remember how you got there. In fact, you don’t even remember who you are.

Identity Unknown is a point and click action-adventure game with intensive survival horror elements. It will be available in several different platforms both desktop and mobile: Microsoft Windows, Android and iOS. The game also contains parts where a player can enjoy 360 degrees virtual reality experience by using devices with a compass and an accelerometer. This VR mode is available directly without need for extra gadgets. Alternatively, you can use traditional touch mode or mouse in desktop devices.

BETA version is available. To join BETA, follow us at least in one channel. Join the BETA today: Identity Unknown BETA registration